Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc.

Welcome to Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc.Serving Alaska industry utilizing innovative technologies

"At PESI we take our responsibilities to the customer seriously, and will only represent companies that have superior products that can be delivered without delay."
- Kevin Durling

Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc. was formed in 1983, to meet the needs of the Oil Companies and Drilling Contractors in their efforts to develop the oil fields of the North Slope and Cook Inlet.

In 1998 PESI formed an Industrial Tool Division to bring Portable Field Machining to our Alaskan clients.  This Division offers the highest quality products available and expands the services that local machine shops can offer to their customers.

PESI has always provided services at a reasonable cost, that otherwise would not have been available to our customers.  Sourcing of material and logistical support for Alaska is our specialty.  PESI will do an industry wide search to find that hard-to-find product or equipment.  We understand logistical problems associated with delivery to isolated locations within Alaska and have the knowledge and experience to solve any and all logistical issues within Alaska.

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